Hi all...
I am running a small lan (wired and wireless) to about 6 system and a
networked printer.

The wireless router is a dlink di-624. I have 3 desktops hardwired to it as
well as an hp 6210 series laserjet color printer (via network cable)

Recently when the printer is turned on, I am having the 3 systems report the
network cable unplugged and reconnected after short time, when printer is
off there is no problem. I verified there is no ip adderss conflict.

My next step is to replace the cat 5 cable for the printer then the router
(I want to go to a better performing router anyway). My customer is rather
reluctant to replace the printer but most likely will be doing that in the
end anyway to resolve this problem.

I am looking at dlink dir655... the 'n extreme' one...