This may be a lame way to describe my situation, but my wireless connection
to my laptop has stopped working. In the past I could watch the two lights
on the card alternate and "look" for a signal. Now only one light is on. I
have tried a couple of things
-uninstalled and reinstalled the care
-uninstalled and reinstalled the software - several times
- checked out my router ( linksys) and it shows that it is putting out a
- my desktop is hardwired to the router and I get a good internet connection
with that.
- I can see the signal and log on to my home network with my work computer.
- I have disabled my McAfee thinking a firewall was not letting the card
start up
- I have looked at my windows XP firewall and internet settings.

I think perhaps some setting somewhere was changed but I am not sure where
to start looking.
Any assistance would be appreciated