I want to connect 2 peer-to-peer Windows networks that are at opposite ends
of the bldg. Users want to be able to access all the printers currently
connected to two separate networks.

The far one is about 60 feet away and uses a Windows 2000 Pro desktop to
allow 6 or 8 users to share internet access, disk storage space and a couple
of shared printers. The Win2K machine has a router and a switch to handle
all the lines.

The near one uses a WinXP Pro desktop to allow 6 or so users to similarly
share internet access and printers. It also has a router and a switch to
handle the lines

In both cases the switches are just connected to one of the router's LAN

A friend (friend "A") more knowledgeable than me has suggested that an easy
way to connect the two networks is to turn off DHCP (and PnP) on one of the
routers ... and run a single line between the two routers.

Another friend (friend "B") has said that it would be necessary to put the
non-DHCP router into "bridge" mode for this to work ... and not all routers
have this ability, apparently?

Any informed opinion / suggestion is welcome :-)