First time poster - if I contravene any etiquette standard or this is
already on a FAQ I apologise - I was unable to find it so thought I would be

My 2 story 3 bed semi has just been rewired. From one double socket per room
to 5-6. Yahoo! Also they put satellite styled low loss coax to each bedroom
and living area (6 in total). I had already managed to install a home
network of sorts. My PC was directly connected to the router (belkin) and
modem (cable version from virgin). My lap top connected in wirelessly.

Anyhow sorry for all that question (at last!). I was
advised by the chaps at work to sort ethernet to each room. One of them gave
me a huge drum of cat5e which I have run to each room next to the aeriel
point. All feeds up to the loft where there is a power supply. I have run 2
lengths to the office (box room!) which is where the router, modem and
desktop PC is. Its now all been plastered in and all this cable is in
pattress boxes.

So what do I do now? In the lot there are the cables from 6 rooms, a cable I
ran to the garage (god knows why!) and 2 cables which both go to the office
(being unaware of how this works - I was not sure if I need a to and from!)

I guess I need some sockets for the front of those pattress boxes. I also
suspect I need some sort of board in the loft for the 8 cables to plug into.
Or, should I just put blanking plates over it and leave it as things are ok
as they are?
I am NOT technical. I did this as it cost minimal money and no disruption as
house already stripped for rewire. I was not 100% sure of the benefits but
got swept up with the enthusiasm of my males colleagues who are mildly geeky
in an adorable sort of way