Hi all,

I am running my own server attached to the internet with a fixed ip
address. It turns out that some people cannot connect to it. There is
no DNS problem as for all these people the domain name resolves
nicely. My ISP is stomped. They claim it works but I consider them
lucky to be part of the 50% that can connect (and they are in the same
subnet anyway). I am getting very little help from them. Also the ADSL
provider KPN is uncooperative. I have colected some traceroutes from
several affected people. They all show a timeout befor itreaches my
host but only after the trace leaves my provider. They now think the
problem lies withing the KPN routers but the router is different for
most cases so they see no pattern.

As I now a smartphone that cannot reach the site over UMTS I am myself
now also affected. I cannot get to my e-mail.

I anm now quite stuck as nobody seems to even understand the problem,
let alone take it seriously. What can I do to further diagnose the
issue to provide hard evidence to my ISP and/or KPN so they can fix
the problem.

Please have a go at www.klaverstijn.nl (

Looking forward to your contributions.

Kind regards,
- Jan.