I just got Telus High Speed (DSL), which is working just fine on my WinXP
machine. It also works on my wife's older (2000 vintage) Compaq 7AP190,
running Win98SE, but only for a short while after booting. Then the
connection seems in some sense to be dropped, web sites can no longer
be accessed, and files can't be shared in Windows. However, in another
sense there is still a connection, in that I can ping the Compaq from the
WinXP machine. When the connection goes bad, Telus eCare, the multiple-
purpose help application Telus supplies, notices, and offers to repair the
connection. It finds connectivity, but fails to complete the repair due to
some other unspecified problem. It suggests unplugging and replugging
the cable (this is a wired network); this doesn't help.

Restarting the machine gets access to the network, the XP machine's
files and printers, and to the Web. So far this fix has never failed. But
the connection sooner or later goes down again.

Any suggestions on where I should look for ideas, or sharing of
experiences of similar problems, would be most welcome. Thanks.

I'm taking the liberty of cross-posting to both the comp.networking
group and the general-purpose Win98 group, since I'm not sure
whether I have primarily a networking or an operating-system-related