I want to make an active antenna using a USB WiFi dongle. Well, that
bit is not a problem.
I want to convert from USB to ethernet at the antenna end and then use
an ethernet downlink to link, preferably, to a router, or, if not
possible, at least to a computer.
I do have a simple converter to go from ethernet to a USB male (i.e.
plug) connector.
To connect this I would have to connect plug to plug (i.e. male to
male), using a couple of FEMALE USBs (i.e. sockets) as the ethernet
converter goes to a male plug and, of course, the USB WiFi dongle is a
Will this work? Any special considerations?
If not any suggestions to achieve my aim?
My main aim is to link a computer and an ATA (Analogue Telephone
Adapter) to a free WiFi source ( The source is public and legal).