i just set up a newly bought toshiba laptop on my wireless network.
for some reason, anything from yahoo downloads very slowly (mail, main
site). i've tried IE7, Firefox 2, and Opera, they all do the same

if i go over to my desktop which is hardwired into the router, yahoo
loads fine. so it's something on my laptop. my wife's yahoo email
works fine on her wireless laptop.

my laptop can connect to gmail very quickly and no problems. google
news no problem. my bank website, no problem. my work website, no
problem. but yahoo does not download well. either the website never
downloads, or only partially downloads the text, and images are

so i think this might have something to do with security settings on my
laptop. i tried disabling the firewall, and then i tried turning off
phishing security. neither helped.

i have a toshiba satellite m115 and am running windows xp.

any ideas? this is strange.