I am running a DUAL Boot Dell L1000R W/XP Prof SP1 and WinMe. with two 5
port 3COM Home Connect HUBS connected by a Crossover Cable Win(*'s are
using 3c450 NIC's the others are using other cards.
The Dell has a Belkin NIC running as a RTL8139(A) W/Driver for 8139-810x
Maybe I need to find a ROUTER.
I lost my Access to my Network But Strangely enough when I boot up to XP
everything works as it should.
I can PING from the ME {sees itself] but it won't ping
others on net. It was working but just went away.
Checked Puter Name IP setup all looks OK But something is blocking the
IP address from being seen on the Network
Just ran NETSCAN from my W989ATX machine. Sees other 4 Puter but not; DITTO on others
I tried rerunning Network setup didn't help.
Strangely tho My QUADRA running DAVE 2.5.1 sees the win me but can't access
The Quadra won't ping but the Puter name "BOBSWINME" appears in the DAVE
MSHOME list.
It wasn't there when I was booted up to XP on the DELL
I am not using Passwords just a empty one.
Gonna try SFC after I make a Backup of the HD [20GB}
Can anyone make suggestions
I Can't reload ME because of DUAL Boot. Messes up XP if I do.