We have a small office network of 5 XP Pro machines and 10 Win 2000
machines, plus two network printers, all hooked up to a Cisco 24 port
switch, and that runs into a Netopia 3347W router, hooked to a Bellsouth DSL
line. The DSL linew shares only a dedicated fax machine, all the office
phones are on other POTS lines When only one or two or three machines are
on, access to the internet is fine, and the LAN1 light on the router where
the switch is plugged in, is reasonably steady. The more machines I turn
on, the faster the LAN 1 light blinks, and when they are all running, the
light is blinking so fast as to almost appear steady, as if one or more
machines are pinging away non-stop, and hogging the router. The diagnostics
on the router reports that all is well, but it is almost impossible to get
on the internet when all the machines are running, even though most of them
are sitting idle.
We also have email issues, with frequent error messages when sending mail
(unable to send message-cinnection to the server was interrupted). We are
hooked up to a Bellsout DSL line at 3 Mbps, and the Bellsouth techs have
been out several times with that big fancy handheld device to check the
line, and they say its all good.

Anybody want to venture a guess as to what's going on here? Do I need a new
(or different) router? (This is the third one of these models they have
sent us in 2 years by the way) Our internal network performance is fairly
smooth, from one computer to the next, just seems to be a big bottleneck
getting out to the DSL line and the outside world.
I need some help here, if anyone could point me somewhere for a good
troubleshooting FAQ or a recommendation for the best router for a small
business that can handle 24 ports at once with no waiting. TIA