I want to have my own FTP-site on my computer which makes it possible
for customers to download files . It seemed to me FileZilla Server was
the solution, but I cannot get it to work.

I use Windows XP with its firewall and Linksys WRT54GL-router.

I have:

-Opened up my firewall for FTP port 21 access -Unchecked Block
Anonymous Internet Requests in the Linksys Router -Under Application
and Gaming i put port 21 and 2200 to 2300 to my local IP -
-In FileZilla Passive Mode Settings I put retrieve external IP adress
from (I have dynamic IP) and Use Custom Port Range 2200 to 2300 and
Don't use external IP for local connections -I have made a user client
with connection to a folder on my computer

I try putting my current external IP in an FTP-client with username and
password, but it has no effect.

What am I forgetting here or doing wrong.

Thanks for all help!


Hans Kristian Eide