I have a G4 Power Mac with OS X 10.2.8 and a Windows XP Home PC

connected via 100BASE-T with a D-LINK router, so they can share a DSL
modem for Internet access. They are set up with DHCP and work group "HOME."

At one time I was able to access shares on the PC from the Mac, access
SMB shares on the Mac from the PC, and print from the Mac to the PC's
printer. However, printing from the PC to the Mac's printer failed, and
I got an error trying to view work group computers.

After a while, nothing was working. I re-installed the operating system
with the "keep user and network settings" option. At first, it worked
well, and I could even get to the work group list from the PC! Now it
stopped working again. The PC no longer appears on the Connect to
Server list, and I get error -36 when I try to connect. At no point did
I have problems with Internet access.

Anybody know what could be wrong? Is there malware that does this? I
attached my SMB.conf, and logs in case they are useful.