I've been using this router for the past 2 months without any problems.

Last night I downloaded the lastest firmware (ver. 1.5_14) from the
Netgear site and installed it. After the status bar showed 100%
complete another window poped up saying that the firmware had been
installed. But the router never rebooted when the installation
completed which, according to the documentation on the website, should
have occured. The router appeared to hang after the install. I was not
able to access the settings via the admin page and I eventually
unplugged the power cord to the router and waited a few minutes before
reconnecting. It worked fine after I did this. The router was able to
acquire the ip from the cable modem and all seemed well. However, every

time I access the settings for the router and make a change to the
config and hit Apply, the router will reboot and fail to acquire the
modem settings until I cycle the power again. This was not the case
prior to the upgrade.

I tried to do a hard reset by pressing in and holding for 60 seconds
the recessed button at the back of the router but this had no effect. I

even flashed the firmware again and the problem still persists. Any
ideas on what might be going on here??