I'm connecting through wireless router, everything works fine, Except......
When I open a webpage with a video on it, the entire video window is like a
popup button and a hover window says "click here to activate this control"
then if I click it, I still can't view the video, at times windows media
player will launch and tell me I am not connected to the internet, although
I am.....Outlook Express also says this upon opening, you are not connected
to the internet, work off-line or try again....once I click try again,
everything is fine.... Why is it not recognizing me as being online when I
am ?

Also, (I know I know...enuff already... lol) If I open media player and
click "online stores" or try to access a video online it says work offline
selected, (but it isn't, I checked in Media Player file menu)
You must be connected to the internet.... ???????

helpppppppp lol