Hi all

I try to connect two offices by using VPN. Both offices have a full T1
internet connection and both side using Sonicwall to host VPN connection.
Main office is using Pro2040 and brance office is using TZ170 with unlimited
license on it.

Now...this is my question.
1. I did setup the VPN and are able to access both side of the files,
however, the speed is always around 50K. I know most of people will tell me
that is about the speed, but my boss is not very happy about it. We have
around 2G data to transfer back every day and this 50K will kill us. Is it
really normal only 50K transfer speed?

2. Let's say if I spend more money on both side to get another T1. Both side
all purchase a internet load balancer, will that increase my connectivity?
(maybe 100k?)

3. Our branch office is in Taiwan and main office is in Houston. When I do
the trace route, it always comes out around 29 jump points. Sometimes I have
1 point time out. Is there any way that we can contact our ISP to shorten
this route?

4. What is your suggestion if you were me?

thank you for your help