Hi Guys,

Hope you can help with this one....

I do not usually deal with networks, but a local organasation asked me to
have a look at this one.......

They have 4 new winxp pro machines, 3 older winxp home machines. They are
all connected to a hub which has the internet connected straight into that.
What they have is 5 pc's (the 4 new winxp pro + 1 older winxp home)
connected on a network called xyz and 2 on a network called 123.
They want the pc's on 123 network to see the pc's on the xyz network, BUT do
not want the 5 pc's on the xyz network to be able to see the 123 network and
hence the other 2 pc's.

I hope I have explained this so everyone can understand, and hope someone
with be able to help.