I am looking for a new router that will have these features.

Dual wan is needed. It needs to load balance and allow me to use 2 modems at
the same time, but look like I'm only using 1 ip. This is because some web
sites or servers you connect to will only let you connect from one ip and in
order to get a faster download speed thus using 2 modems at the same time it
needs to look like 1 ip. I know this also may not be possible in a home
device and the isp might have to do it. but I'm hoping it's possible for me.
I need to be able to speed up downloads when using download managers. Xincom
says they do this for download manager speed up the downloads. Multiple
sessions for one file they use both modems same time for the 1 file. But
they won't bind the ip to 1 like I mention i want.

I want content filtering where you pick from categories what to block and
keywords etc. Good firewall rules etc. I want to block ports and also i
would need to be able to route ports to a specific modem. So port 23 only to
modem 2 and all other traffic to modem 1 etc.
I want good intrusion prevention etc. So it should block all p2p filesharing
apps and protocls etc.
wireless is a plus but not 100% needed.
i would prefer the router to have 4 ports, but 1 is ok since It'll go to a
i want SNMP
email logs to me
the router should have good reports based on bandwidth use such as what
sites you go to, how much data you transfer like 400gb etc.
built in virus protection is a bonus.

Lets start with these and go from here.