I have just bought an Asus P5WD2-Premium motherboard
it has 2 ethernet ports on it : 'marvell 88e 8001 gigabit ethernet' and
'intel(r) tekoa ethernet', on my old system i was running a 'Netgear FA311
Fast ethernet adaptor PCI card' and had no problems connecting via cable
modem to my ISP (optusnet) through this.

I installed the new motherboard and i installed the ethernet drivers which
came on the motherboards CD, the system works fine, except i cannot connect
to my ISP through the onboard ethernet adaptors, the drivers install without
a hitch, and the devices report that they are working properly, but i cant
get a connection through them to my ISP, i then tried the latest drivers off
the ASUS website, and i had the same problem, i then installed my old
network card 'Netgear FA311' and the connection works fine.

When i plug the RJ45 into the motherboards ethernet port #1 the LED responds
with a slow steady orange flash, but this will go on until i unplug it (up
to 10 minutes), and it can never seem to get a connection, and when plugging
it into the motherboards ethernet port #2 i get no light at all, but when
plugging it into my 'Netgear FA311' it gets a connection almost instantly,

Is there something i am overlooking, can someone plese help me out here?