Hey all,

I have a simple 2 pc network with a Linksys router. They share my current
adelphia modem for internet as well. I have recently added firewire to both
pc's and shared files without issue via firewire.

To assure the transfer of a large file with the firewire, I temporarily
disabled the lan connections on both pc's. That was successful and I then
re-enabled the lan connections. They both can surf and so far so good.

Here is my question. If I want to play my games via firewire, and not the
lan/router method, how do I do so? Is it within the games that I make this
change? The games in question are Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour
and Call of Duty 2.

Both are homebuilt pc's with XP pro on them. Perfomance should not be an
issue as far as hardware goes.

Thanks all,

Sean L