Hello to all.

I explain you my problem.

network constituted by a Desktop and a Portable.


Portable: XP HE SP2, NTFS

the hardware works correctly: network Cards and network Cables


Network setup:

IP: (DESKTOP) - 192,168 0.4 (Portable)

subnet mask: both

Workgroup/Domain is the same one

firewalls closed

Some important notes:

when on the Desktop the OS was win98, there were not problems

the portable has as main user "utente1", but if I want to try to
change this name, it's impossible

in the portable it's impossible to enter in Control Panel -Admin
Instruments -local protection Criteria -local protection setup -Allocation
customer -Approach from the network the specified computer, while in the
Desktop it's impossible to enter in administration instruments it is not
looked at null

can you help me, please?

Excuse my English - Thanks