Please I need help to configure a bridge between two network, Here my

Two identical network, both under the control of Windows Xp, both using a
dedicated PC as internet proxy and DHCP server. Those dedicated PCs, use two
NIC, one for internet access via DSL modem, the other for access to the
network. they run XP and Winproxy software that also act as DHCP server.
Both network have multiple PCs connect and are working fine using CAT5 cable
and switchs.

I the first one dedicated PC to and the second to,
but each one assign IP to their clients PC via DHCP.

Now I wish to bridge those network, first to have all resource avaliable to
each other and second in the hope to find a way to use both DSL connection
in paralelle to rise transfert rate.

So I install on the first network a Linksys WAP11 and on the second a WET11,
both using thier default setting for IP address, but I add a WEP key. They
both connect; using a laptop, I can access the first network from the
connection trought the WET11 when that laptop is set to use DCHP from the
first network and connect directly to the WET11.

Now the problems begins, when I connect the WET11 to the second network
trought the switch, I can not access it, I can not go trought it to access
the first network, nothing not work at all.

I suspect that both network using 192.168.1.x can result in IP conflict, so
I tought setting the second DHCP server to can resolve it, but
doing so, I still unable to access the WET11 IP. So I try to
change it to and got jam again, nothing work, it end up with a
default reset to the WET11.

It's not a problem to set one network DHCP server to and the
second to but how can I make them to brige using the WAP11/WET11

Next, anyone have an idea of software that can be use to use both DSL access
toghether for transfer?

Any suggestion will help. Thanks' in advance.