I run an HP 2550L colour laser via a USRobotics router/printserver
(Model # 8000-02, Version V2.5). CAT to the router; parallel between
router and printer.

HP provide a Toolbox monitoring program to keep check on toner levels
etc. It runs via a browser.

I bought the printer and router at the same time and when I first
installed them the toolbox prog worked fine.

I haven't used the toolbox prog for a week or two. Now the browser can't
conect, saying the page I want can't be found.

So far as I know, I haven't altered any settings and there have been no
new programs installed on the computer.

For info, the router's IP is the default That's also
the address which shows up on the port that the USR printserver
installed )printername/properties/port/configure port)

The toolbox is trying to connect to

Can I alter the address the toolbox wants? If so, what to?
( won't work).

I've also tried turning off my firewall and trying to connect via a
number of browsers. No result.

There are two other computers on the network but the others are both
ancient, just capable of running Win98. I always knew I wouldn't be able
to load the print driver on to them, so all my printing is done via my
main computer.