My " Network " consists of a desktop and a laptop, both running xp.
On either machine I cannot view the comps in the workgroup. I found a fix in
the Windows knowledge base, followed it for both machines but no good. The
fix had me enable netbios over TCP/IP and make sure that computer browser
was started on both machines, It is now. Double and triple checked workgroup
name ( both the same ).
I am using a Linksys router, the laptop is wireless and the desktop is

I just returned from a " charity " job. Local hospice needed their comps
hooked up in a wireless Linksys network. All fine. On a hunch I tried to
view the comps in this workgroup ( both riunning xp ). Same thing , cannot

The real issue here is , we just wanted to share a printer. Obviously we
cannot do that until the above is resolved.

Ok masters, lay it on me!