I have a small network with 1 host with XP Prof (SP2) and 3 hosts.which have
Win 2000 server , all of these hosts belong to the same Workgroup. (No
domain and no Active directory installed)
every Win 2000 Server host can browse every other Win 2000 shares (No
The XP machine can ping and browse all Win 2000 servers.
But None of Win 2000 servers can browse or even ping the XP IP address.

I check the state of the firewall on XP and deactivate it. Still No ping was
possible to XP.
Same verification with advanced TCP IP config where all IP packets are
enabled (no filtering).
IP address of XP can not be pinged, but XP can ping every other IP address.
(There's a DEVOLO ADSL modem router which connect these 4 hosts and which
plays the DHCP server).
I check all the cable connections but ther's no problem..
Final thing: All machines can ping the modem router and can access to the

Does Any one have an idea ?