ok. My new landlord has a cablemodem wireless network in our building
and is using a LinkSys WRT54 G-band wireless router. I can connect to
the network with g-band cards in my notebook and server under windows
but I really need linux connectivity and wouldn't ya know, the chipset
in my machines isn't fully supported in my linux configuration. So,
short of getting my own cablemodem connection, I need to bridge his
network to my apartment using my own bridge/router/access-point...

I'm not sure about the 802.11B/G specifications for running wireless
routers back to back. Can it be done in wireless mode? Can it be done
using his specific router? and what router/bridge do I need to extend
his network on my end in the following configuration?

1) atlanticbb provides a connection and dhcp ip to his cablemodem
2) the cablemodem is hardwired to the linksys wireless router
3) the router provides nat and dhcp to both hardwired and wireless
clients via 192.168.1.x/

4) I buy a wireless router/bridge that is seen by his wireless router as
a dhcp client and my router provides dhcp/nat to hardwired clients on my
end connected via a four port hub. my subnet becomes

this allows me to maintain hardwired ethernet speeds within my own

what capabilities must my router/bridge and his router/bridge have to
allow me to connect in this relationship? infrastructure/adhoc mode?

Do I have to buy my landlord a dedicated wireless bridge unit to do