I've got a TZ170W with SonicOS Enhanced 3.1. I've tried connecting 2 cable
modems using the load balancing to make the download speed faster, but it
never works no matter what. Everytime I download stuff from the net be it
from newsgroups, web etc the speed is never more then my primary wan
connection. cable modem 1 is on WAN and is 6mb. OPT is secondary and is 4mb
cable modem. I have tried round robin, does nothing to increase download
speed. I've tried spill over giving primary want say 5000k then spill over
to the 4mb secondary. nothing works. what i do is go to a web site, download
many files at the same time using ie or firefox. not a download manager.
then i open up newsleecher my newsgroup program connecting to 3 different
news servers using 7 connections/stream to each server. my speed never goes
past 6mb for the avg. it should be up to 9mb using both connections, but
isn't. so does anyone have an idea? it says it does outbound load balancing
and stuff which is exactly the same as www.xincom.com routers say. they say
they do outbound load balancing yet in reviews i have read for the xincom
routers, they used download accelerator plus to increase their download
speed. the sonicwall isn't increasing at all. I've tried download
accelerator plus, get right and so on to use up to 8 streams per file. yet
my connection performance downloading isn't any better then if i had 1
modem. inside the sonicwall interface the stats it shows both connections
being used, but never using full bw of each even though i know for a fact i
can get full bandwidth on each of them.