I recently moved my main computer which until now has been on a cat5
connection. I installed an AM1772 chipset PCI Wifi card (802.11b) and
was having great problems getting a connection. When connected (signal
strength 'Low') I was only getting 4% utilisation on an 11Mbps
connection and periodic disconnects. The connection also dropped to
1Mbps on occasions.

I added an external 5.5dB antenna and I now get signal strength rated
as 'Good' and I have lost all the poor connection problems, however I'm
still only getting a 4% utilisation on this adapter.

Just to check it wasn't an RF issue I plugged in an old USB 802.11b
adapter and this got a 'Very Good' signal rating and utilisation of

What could cause such poor throughput on the PCI card, I'd expected it
to be similar to the USB adapter.