I know a little about home networking as I have 3 computers running off a
wireless network but my brother rang me with a network request and I do not
know what the best solution is.

He runs a business from home, has 1 computer running Win XP Pro and a dialup
modem 56K, he runs an accounting program called MYOB. (Manage Your Own
Business, a very popular and largely distributed australian made program)

He wants his secretary to be able to use her computer from her house to
dialup and access the MYOB files, make any admendments, additions etc but
the files to remain on his work computer at home. I think all the various
work/business files are about 20MB is size.

What is the best networking solution for this, he only runs a software
firewall, I am yet to find out what operating system his secretary is
running, but I suspect it will be an older version of windows, maybe 98,
2000 or ME, hopefully XP

I was hoping that I could create a networking folder in file explorer in the
secretaries computer that would point to the appropriate folder on my
brothers computer over the dialup internet.

Some ideas I have thought about include, Do I use a webhosting feature?, or
a VPN or perhaps use MSN application sharing or remote computer which I
think would be far to slow.

I look forward to any suggestions