I am very new to this type of thing, in fact I know nothing about
networking. As I have only ever had one home computer at home I have never
even bothered to take notice of it.

I have just purchased a new PC which comes with a wireless LAN 802.11b/g
Device (whatever that is !!).
I decided to put my old computer into another room and network them as my
old computer is only a couple of years old and we can file share and share

I have plugged the ariel thingy into the back of my new PC and the receiver
thingy into my old PC via a usb port, in another room. I have ran all the
wizards I can find for setting up a home network but I can't get them to

On my new PC, I have a removable flash drive which I transferred all the
settings to and then transferred them to my old PC in the hope of connecting
them, but nothing seems to work.

I am assuming that both my network cards on my old PC and my new PC are
capable of doing this as they both allow me to try and set up a wireless
network from either end.

How can I check that my network card is capable of performing this

I assme that they both are, as they are both allowing me to do this function
from either end.

The two rooms are only about 5 metres apart.

Where am I going wrong???