I'm re-running all my cables and have come across an anomaly that's got me
beat. I've got a network of two desktops plus one laptop connected to a 5
port switch. I've also got an ADSL modem connected to the switch.
Previously, all 4 devices (3 computers + 1 ADSL modem) were connected via
the standard ports. However, having changed a few cables for
longer/shorter/tidier replacements which I had lying around, I now find that
my laptop only works if I plug it's cable into the 6th port labelled uplink
port on the switch. I gather that the intended usage of this port is for
daisychaining multiple switches/hubs/routers, and theorise that perhaps the
CAT5 cable I'm using is a crossover, hence the reason it only works on the
'uplink' port.

Can anyone shed any light on how it all works, and what, if any, differences
occur when I use the uplink as opposed to one of the 5 standard ports.


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