I'm a systems admininstrator who's getting his first exposure to
setting up a WAN. My company just took on two remote sites and I need
to set up communications with them.
Our network currently has an inappropriate private addressing scheme.
Were using network address translation behind a valid Internet IP
address but the address that was given to the private network is
I want to change this to one of the non-routable private addresses and
since we'll eventually have more that 256 nodes in the network I'll
probably use the network.
But in order to use private addressing at each location I'll need to
subnet the network with a subnet mask of This
would yield eight networks with over 2 million nodes each. This gives
me plenty of networks if future expansion warrants.
Is this typically what's done when setting up a WAN with private
addressing at each location?
The remote sites are small offices so I guess I could use the
192.168.x.x addressing at those sites.
Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.