Skip Kelley here in South Korea. Yes...I've encountered one of those weird
happening you mention where each PC on the network "at one time" could see,
ping and contact each other to exchange files/info. Having moved here just
a month ago, I set up a small network as follows:

PC1 (Desktop)....WinXP Home(SP2)....Belkin Router w/Wireless capability;
using Korean ISP/ ADSL Service/Modem
PC2 (Laptop)......WinXP Home(SP2)....Connected to Router
PC3 (Desktop)....WinXP Home(SP2)....Connected to Router
Work Group Name assigned is same on All PC's

Other Info

File/Printer Sharing is setup on All PC's; WinXP Firewall is turned OFF on
ALL PC's; ALL PC's use Zone Alarm Bacic; All PC's are in the "Trusted Zone"
for each other with correct IP Address/Sub Net Mask; McAfee Anti Virus is
install on ALL PC's . If I've forgotten important info to help solve the
below problem, let me know and I will provide it!


PC1 can Ping, See and access PC's 2 & 3
PC's 2 & 3 can Ping, See and access each other
PC's 2 & 3 can Ping, See and access each other on the Network. PC's 2 & 3
can See PC1 on the Network but PC's 2 & 3 CAN NOT ACCESS PC1 on the
Network...message being "PC1 is not accessable. You might not have
permission to use this network resource..." etc, etc!

I, as most have, have, expreienced this problem before and have corrected
the problem by re-setting up "Home or Small Office Network" using WinXP or
buy making sure FireWalls were off or properly configured or by double
checking Zone Alarm Setting, the Trusted Zones and associated IP/Sub Net doen't work using the Wireless feature either! I' ve tried the
"release/renew commands to no avail. This time I just can figure it out!
Althouth PC's 2 & 3 can Ping and See PC 1...they CAN NOT access it...give
all I' ve tried not sure what to do next. Was hoping you could assist.
Thanks for your time and professionalism.

Skip Kelley