Hi there

I want to set up a home network, with access to the internet. I want my
network to have several cabled outlets (say up to 8 spread around the
various rooms in my house), and also wireless access.

I am not quite sure exactly what network equipment I need to buy to realise

I will either use an ISP which delivers via cable or one which delivers ADSL
over telephone line. In each case they supply either a "cable modem" or an
"adsl router" (which has one port for my internal network), to which I can
attach my network.

I figure I need a router which I connect to the modem (or adsl router), and
an "access point" for the wireless part of the network. Then (depending on
the number of ports on my router) I need a switch as well. How many wireless
devices does an access point service?

Would something like this be a correct assumption:

adsl router/cable modem
router --- access point
| | .. | |
cabled outlets

Thanks for any advice or pointers,