Hi folks

I am using the above router and it is working fine except for the fact that
I can not issue a finger command to any hosts.

At the command prompt : finger someone@somewhere.com
the host name is returned in brackets - e.g. [somwhere.com] - and then the
command prompt just hangs.

If I swap out the Safecom router for a Netgear router, then the finger
command works fine. I have tested this on:
2 PCs (each PC tested with all 3 types of router)
2 SafeCom routers
2 Netgear DG834G routers
1 Netgear DG834 router

and the SafeCom units always refuse to handle the finger command, but the
Netgear units are fine.

I have checked the SafeCom router's web interface and I cannot find any
reason for the problem. I have tried it with the firewall set to allow all
traffic through to the PC, but no joy.

Does anyone out there have any ideas what is causing this problem ?