Hi all,

I am kind of new to this, so bear with me. Anyway, the problem that I am

I have a Linksys Wireless G Router that I have hooked on the bottom
floor of my friend's 3 story house. Reception on the top floor is poor
at best so I decided to hardwire a Linsys Access Point upstairs. I ran a
length of Cat 5e through the basement crawl space and up the walls
outside, then back through and installed an RJ-45 jack on both ends.
Used the patch cables that were included with the router and access
point to connect, and the connection light did not come on. On the
Access Point it blinked intermittently.

I think the problem is coming from the fact that at the termination
points, where I connected the jacks, I untwisted the pairs too much. I
am going over tomorrow to try out this fix, but I wanted to see if there
is anything else that I should be aware of or look for as a fix if I
can't get this to work. I don't necessarily need to maintain pure 100mbs
Cat5 standards; I just need the access point to function properly.