Hi, I have a D-Link DSL-G604T ADSL Wireless modem/router and three
pc's. 1 desktop connected with a cable to LAN 1 on the router and two
laptops running DWL-G650+ cards. The desktop and one laptop work
flawlessly, however the second laptop, a Dell inspiron 5100 struggles
to maintain a connection.

The connection status bar regularly flicks between 0 and 87% and the
transfer between the router and the laptop ceases. While this happens
the other computers suffer no loss in network performance.

I've tried a clean install of windows XP pro, SP2 on the laptop with no
avail and tried switching channels, disabling WEP etc and switching
cards between the laptops.

The laptop works ok with a wired connection to the router.

The problem seems to be a configuration / conflict issue with this
particular laptop as the card works fine in another dell inspiron 1100.
The thing is, I'm all out of ideas

Help me!!!!!!