I have a US robotics 8054 Turbo Access router.

For last couple of days the router seems to lose its WAN connection for
a second or so (light goes off and comes back on).

At the same time light for LAN cable connecting to PC goes off and on.

At the same time my PC (running XP Pro SP1) shows a message on bottom
screen of screen "Local Area Connection Disconnected", followed a few
seconds later by "Local Area Connection connected".

This off/on thing seems to happen every 5 minutes or so and is really
annoying as it affects e-mails downloading/uploading, loading up web

Not sure i've given you enough info but in case it helps:
Motherboard ASUS A7N8x-e
RAM = 512Mb
Hard Disk 160Gb, 100 b free

Firmware installed is router is 1.21h.

I've not installed any new software/hardware in last week.
Can anyone suggest what may be wrong?


Steve Fisher