Hello; apologies if this is off-topic ...

I'm a web designer by trade, so server-side issues are new and daunting
for me! Here's my challenge: I recently inherited a 3-year old Dell
Poweredge 1400SC. It's basically gathering dust in my office, so I
thought I'd co-locate on a local data pipe and put it to work, initially
as a hobby to host some of my own hobby sites, but eventually to act as
a domain hosting service for my clients as well.

What it has on it right now is a very buggy win2k server OS.

What I need to know is, what steps do I have to go thru to set it up to
be ready to remote adminsister as a web-server with hosting
capabilities. If anyone knows of any good tutorial or resource sites
for this, please advise.

From what I have gleaned interacting with hosting services, is that most
offer either Linux or NT based systems. Linux appeals to me, but there
is also some kind of web-hosting GUI with admin priveledges which I
could administer remotely, as well as all the server-side goodies like
PHP, Perl, mySQL and on and on. Then a control panel for users to log
in. (in managing sites, I am familiar with CPanel, which can be
licensed - for a whopping $1500)...

anyway, any pointers would be definitely appreciated....