The Jet99 Test Flight will be open until August 9, 2004. Jet99 is a Travel
and Cash Rewards Company that is a simple, easy and rewarding way to earn
Travel Miles and Cash.

Jet99 has a Friends-Fly-Free Program your ticket to more "FREE Tickets" For
every new member you refer that earns a "Free" Round trip airline ticket in
the US or Anywhere in the world - You earn a matching ticket to go anywhere
you want to go. You can refer additional members by using your personal
website below:

When you enroll for "FREE" you receive:
Accrue one (1) Travel Mile for everyone that enrolls after you
Ability to earn cash rewards $100, $2500, and $25,000
A Personal Jet99 Website
A Private Back Office to track your Travel and Cash Rewards
Jet99 was established to be a fun, easy and simple way for people to earn a
FREE round trip airline ticket and cash. The perfect goal for Jet99 would be
for you to spend about 1 hour of your life, not 1 hour a week, or a night,
or a day, and end up with a FREE round trip airline ticket to any place your
heart desires and some cash!