Alberto Torrecillas wrote in message news:...
> Hi all,
> I am trying to connect an embedded device to a wireless lan. The
> embedded
> device already has an ethernet connector for wired lans and it have
> been working
> fine.
> The idea is using an ethernet to wifi bridge to get it wireless, but
> looking at prices
> i have realized that actually wifi access points are cheaper than wifi
> bridges.
> I guess if it is possible using an access point instead a bridge.

I've heard some aps can be configured in "client mode" and by doing
so the ap actually acts as a client device (and thus other clients
will not see it as an ap anymore). Not sure if this is what you want.

However the aps I've seen don't implement this, and I don't know if
this feature is present in other hardware. Don't know about any
potential inter-operatibiliy issues either.