I wonder if someone here can help with an all in one issue....

Using XP Home with an HP 7300 all in one printer/scanner/fax, on a network.

The Hp has been assigned the address of

From my PC, using HP's software, when attempting to scan, the unit's scan
head begins to move- then I'm prompted to place item on bed and hit
'start'.. only to get a communications error. I have the latest drivers and
the latest patches simply do not fix this. Googling shows I'm not the only

From the scanner, it has a Scan to Menu, and my PC is not listed.. and can't
seem to be found....

However, going directly to the unit, (internet explorer, and accessing the web menu, I can scan.

All other functions, such as printing and faxing work fine...

Are there any network issues someone can think of.. it's a guess.. perhaps!

Thank you!