Milestone XProtect Professional is part of a range of fine video
surveillance softwares. But owners of Panasonic IP cameras may have
problems with setup. This is because, unlike most other IP cameras -
like those from Axis - Panasonic models do not come with default
usernames and passwords (, , etc.).

The Milestone ADD DEVICE applet asks for an administrator password,
But if you ONLY provide that your Panasonic IP camera may not be
found/detected since the username is different from what the software
is expecting (i.e. - for some odd reason).

Here's what worked for me:

In the field type assword> as you do to connect
to some FTP servers. So, if your username is and your password
you would type them thus:


In both cases stick to alphanumeric characters only.

Now provided these entries match what has already been set in the
camera, your IP address and port number is correct and, for WAN
connections, port forwarding has been set on the relevant router, your
Panasonic IP camera should be detected okay. Milestone XProtect can
connect over a LAN or WAN no bother.

I am writing this because it took me a whole day to work out what was
going wrong and Milestone XProtect Pro is well worth the effort.