I just had a gigabit network switch die, and I've been researching the
inexpensive units meant for unmanaged home LANs. It turns out that some
of the brand-name units like Netgear models do NOT provide gigabit
networking in a mixed environment -- i.e., if just one device connected
to the switch is 10 or 100 Mbs only, then the switch runs ALL of its
connections at that slower rate, even if the other computers have
gigabit NICs. (This probably explains the disappointing results I
experienced after connecting my Buffalo Gigabit LinkStation (NAS) to the
computers on my LAN via two inexpensive Netgear gigabit switches.)

I'm having a problem identifying WHICH replacement to buy because the
manufacturers do not specify whether their products actually do provide
gigabit switching in mixed environments.

I'm hoping to spend less than $70 for such a product, and I want one
that doesn't require configuration. Does anyone have experience with a
switch like that in a mixed environment -- some computers with gigabit
NICs and some with only older 100Mbs NICs?