Hi all,
I have a problem that is present in IE6, IE7, firefox, opera and
netscape so i guess it is related to the computer in some way, the other 2
computers on the network dont have a problem.

what i have tried
1. installed a new ethernet card
2. plugged into a different port in the router
3. deleted all cookies, temp internet files and history
4. upgraded to IE7 because i thought it may have been an IE6 problem
5. downloaded all xp updates
6. added one of the sites that times out to the trusted sites list
7. changed ethernet cable
8. Disabled firewall and antivirus
9 scanned for spyware

it seems to only happen on some sites not all, in some cases the webpage
downloads but the images dont, it happens on local australian based sites
as well as international sites.

im lost for an answer - hopefully someone can help

thanks in advance