I am wondering if there is a way to run dual internet connections with
windows xp home. I have a high speed wireless account which at times is all
right but during peak hours it can be very erratic as far as maintaining a
steady connection to the internet. Unfortunately it is the only internet
option available to my area other than dial up (satelite is an option but
not willing to pay for the equipment yet until I can be sure it would solve
the issues I have). I also have a dial up account through a local isp
provider. Them problem is certain things I like to do require a steady
constant connection, which at certain times my wireless is unable to provide
but which the dial up seems to be quite capable of handling. The question
is, is it possible to run both of these connections simultaneously and have
a certain application use the dial up account while all other traffic be
handled by the wireless connection?

Thank You
Tim B