I am running a Netgear Wireless Router. PC 1 is running XP Pro and
connected by Cat5. PC2 is running Windows2000 and connected by Cat5. PC3 is
a laptop running XP Pro and is connected by wireless.

All are able to connect to the Internet just fine.

PC1 can access PC2 and PC3 OK
PC2 can access PC3 OK
PC3 can access PC2 OK

However, neither PC2 or PC3 can access PC1.

PPC2, when trying to access PC1 displays:

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at
the computer.

I have checked and all sharing is enabled as required OK. I have looked in
help files and cand fin nothing helpful. All connections to the router are
fine, as access to the Internet and PC to PC in the reverse direction is

Can someone suggest where I should be looking to gain access in all

If you can help, many thanks.

Alan S.