Changes In Technology & The Best SEO Techniques Today
Marketing Technology
March 8, 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a very big role in boosting the sales and the growth of your business. However, for you to succeed in SEO and rank among the top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), there are several best SEO techniques today that you need to include in your SEO strategies which are discussed below.

1. Mobile Optimization

Many people nowadays use their phones to conduct searches over the internet and this trend, therefore, requires you to ensure that your business website is mobile-friendly. This is especially important because more and more people are using their smartphones and mobile handsets to conduct searches and this trend is increasing at an increasing rate. Therefore while creating a website, ensure that your ask your web creator and designer conceptualize the SEO strategies to be mobile friendly.

2. Update or republish your blog posts

People like reading new posts and ideas and easily get bored with reading the same stuff all the time. It is, therefore, important to ensure that new posts are added to your website constantly which can be after every month or even after every three weeks.

3. Utilize the power of social media influence

Social media like Facebook, Twitter or others have very high number of users, and it is the only place where you will easily get feedback and redirect the potential clients to your website. Over 70% of the marketers are already using the social media influence to boost their SEO and get more clients. Always ensure that you have a Facebook page, LinkedIn page and a Twitter profile in your SEO strategies to be successful.

4. Use video in your website content

Video plays a very big role as well in attracting the attention of the internet browsers, and every website should include a video in their SEO strategies. Additionally, video media such as Youtube attracts a very large number of internet visitors who you can then redirect to your website as well.

This is were SEO Marketing Agency that is powered by comes in and the best 3 Reasons why You Need An SEO Specialist if you are trying to gain a web presence online then you need to learn how to rank in Google and the other major search engines. This is accomplished through search engine optimization or SEO. This refers to the ability to cater your site to the search engines needs as well as content and off-page factors to gain better rankings. Higher rankings lead to more visitors and thus more money. Substantial money is made in going this route because the visitors that land on your site are free, targeted, and initiated/choose the search for your content. This is just one reason why SEO is so powerful and why you need to implement it if you are a website owner. Below is a list of 3 reasons why you need an SEO specialist to help you build your presence in the search rankings.

Reasons You Need An SEO Specialist

Organic Search Traffic
Website Optimization
SEO That Will Not Get You Penalized

Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is the most coveted type of traffic on the web. This is because it is one hundred percent free and highly targeted. The money that you make off organic search traffic is pure profit.

Website Optimization

If you are a beginner learning how to optimize your website for google can seem near impossible to get right. That is because it takes a lot of knowledge to know what to tweak and what to leave as is. An SEO specialist will be able to set these things up on your site in just a few minutes.

SEO That Will Not Get You Penalized

One of the biggest risks of performing SEO by yourself is that you run the risk of doing something that will get you penalized by the search engines. An SEO specialist can prevent this from happening.

Now all this can be intimidating to you, but not to worry you can contact an SEO Specialist like SEO Marketing agency if you are in cape Town. Now i know you are saying this is all great but i am not in Cape Town! Not to worry SEO Marketing Agency is the sister company of, which has an international reach and is able to help you with any SEO marketing needs. Now do you understand why you need an seo specialist ?

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