The following text is a fragment of a makedefs file used in
windows/linux/openbsd to build Unicon:

$%$(EXE): %.icn
$(UNICON) $<

$%.u: %.icn
$(UNICON) -c $<

#%$(EXE): %.u
$%$(EXE): %.u
$(UNICON) -o $@ $<


For linux and OpenBSD, the value of $(EXE) is null (ie no value is assigned to
EXE. Yet these rules generate a make error "don't know how to make ..." when
they are included in the make file and processed by OpenBSD make or gmake. I
have been reading the GNU make 3.80 book, but I do not yet understand globbing
variables well enough to see what's wrong. Can someone clue me in?

Dave Feustel