Comparing two very similar OpenBSD 4.1 systems, I'm trying to figure out
why true type fonts 'suddenly' stopped working on one of them.

- All fonts in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts and subdirectories (included
../TTF) are identical (as well as in other fonts directories)

- FontPaths and modules in xorg.conf are the same, all successfully
loaded (according to X logs)

- all files in /etc/fonts are the same

- There is no ~/.fontconfig on both computers

- fc-list gives the same output on both computers

- rebuilding the font cache with fc-cache -r or fc-cache -f indeed
rebuilded the font cache but didn't made the fonts more readable.

- copying /var/cache/fontconfig from the working system to the other one
didn't help either.

- there was a ~/fonts.cache-1 file in the user's home directory
(actually root). I don't know who created it (apparently not fc-cache).
Removing it or copying it back from the other computer (they were
originally identical) didn't help.

I might have done something wrong trying to configure somebody. (?)
I already had that issue one or two years ago. Only a complete reinstall
could fix the problem. But today I feel like to really understand and
solve this particular problem and so be able to avoid it in the future.

any suggestions ?