I'm trying to configure two S518 Sangoma cards to accomplish ADSL bonding.
The second link is trying to request an IP address during the negotiation
request. I need to disable the second interface from requesting such. I
RTFM'ed but can not find any options to apply to the second link. I've
made sure that the VPI/VCI numbers match per ISP specs.

The DSL lines sync up separately just fine. The below configuration works
on one link. The second link never finishes negotiations.

Below is my ppp.conf:

### start /etc/ppp/ppp.conf ###

# turns on logging of basically everything.
set log Chat Connect Command IPCP CCP tun Phase Warning LCP


# mrru 1524 is the default used on cisco routers and should be aceptable
# for most users. by setting the mrru you are actually enabling multilink
set mrru 1524

# You shouldn't need to uncomment these lines. During the LCP
# negotiations it should negotiate the acceptable mru/mtu values.
set mtu 1492
set mru 1492

# set the following two lines to match the userid/password for your
# ppp account.
set authname "username"
set authkey "password"

# this requests any ip address from the ppp server. Y.Y.Y.Y = peer address
set ifaddr 0/0 Y.Y.Y.Y
set speed sync

# these lines set the number of lines to use and what ethernet ports to
# use for establishing the pppoe connection
clone 1,2
link 1 set device "!/usr/sbin/pppoe -i waad0"
link 2 set device "!/usr/sbin/pppoe -i wbad0"

# sets both lines to auto dial and reconnect on disconnect
link 1,2 set mode ddial

# removes the 'deflink' link. just do it..
link deflink remove

# tells your machine to use the ppp server as the default gateway
add! default HISADDR
### end /etc/ppp/ppp.conf ###